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Bunny Bang 1.0

Bunny Bang 1.0

Bunny Bang Publisher's Description

The player has to guide the young Bunny from danger. This game is packed with exciting stages which keep the player engrossed. The player with limited time and life, has to guide the Bunny in making a way out of the maze towards its home, to avoid the situation of game over. On the way, the Bunny has to collect carrots ,objects etc found in the maze, escape from the cavity and the creature which appear in the higher stages and get to the other end of the maze,only by which the player can move to the next stage. Sounds Interesting! Then have a go. Features: Simple but Fast Game which is addictive and challenging. Ten different difficulty stages to keep you interested. Built-in Instructions and tips to get you started. Exciting animation . Hint regarding the path to be created is provided as four blocks at the bottom of the screen. If the player is not able to complete any stage and the [game over] message appears , the game automatically goes back to stage 1 and the player has to start all over again. So the game has to be played carefully! Score calculation: * for each block tapped and a path created ,the player will get 50 points. * for every wrong click ,the player`s score will be reduced by 10 points. *for each destruction of a block(tapping on a filled block), the player`s score will be[apart from being increased by 50 points for tapping a new block ] reduced by 20 points and the Bunny`s life will also be reduced by 1 point. * for each carrot picked by the Bunny, the player will get 100 points + 2 life points * for each bonus object collected, the player will get 200 points + 5 life points * for each stage, the score will be increased as follows: for clearing 1st stage - 300 pts 2nd stage - 600 pts 3nd stage - 900 pts Rules: (If more than 1 path is available, the bunny will take the first formed path. After the path is formed, the bunny will begin to move immediately) In stage 1,which is very simple and plain,the player has to tap on the block next to the Bunny and make sure to form a valid path from there on. From stage 2 onwards, only by collecting a minimum of 2 carrots [out of the random number which appear on the screen ], the player can move to the next stage. * for each carrot 100 points will be added to the score and the life will be increased by 2 From stage 3 onwards, some cavities will appear along with a random number of carrots. In this cavity block the player cannot construct the path. Only by collecting a minimum of 2 carrots and escaping from the cavity, the player can reach the next stage. In stage 4 ,the player has an option of collecting bonus objects(placed randomly on the screen), to get bonus points(score)[this is apart from condition of collecting a minimum of 2 carrots and escaping from the cavity, by which the player can move on to the next stage]. In stage 5 , a creature will appear in a random position on the screen. If the Bunny crosses the block nearest to the creature[indicated by a blinking star mark],it will kill the bunny and the game will be over. From stage 6 , the screen design is the mirror image of previous 5 stages with some blocks (randomly placed). [ i.e 6th stage = 1st stage + some blocks 7th stage = 2nd stage + some blocks ...... 10th stage = 5th stage + some blocks ] If a path is formed, even before the given time is fully used up, the Bunny begins to move on that path. Trial Version: It is possible to play only 3 stages in the Trial version. Buy the game and enjoy playing all the stages. © copyright 2003 Nipsys Technologies Private Limited.

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